Cropped Photo: 'Our Cats', 14th February, 19031. Courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection


An excellent heading to the history of this Chinchilla male of such sweet countenance, could simply be "MISSING!"

At the time of writing he is not listed in any online database, nor do we find any record of him in any of the usually reliable historical writings by authors such as Miss Frances Simpson, Mr. C.A.House, Mrs. Dorothy Champion, or even the lady author with the alias, Dick Whittington! Nevertheless, he did exist, and as this portrait shows, he was a chinchilla cat, delightful to behold and with an amazing secret; a simply outstanding pedigree! The only record of his existence is his entry in The Cat Club Register, where his name is listed as 'Cairo Ramadan', bred by Mrs. Bluhm.6 His pedigree however, is possibly one of the most resplendent to be found, combining the bloodlines of 'The Silver Sultan' with those of 'The Silver Lily'.

Thankfully, this portrait of him survives from the pages of Our Cats where, in the 14th February issue of 1903, his image is featured, on the front cover, with the spelling of 'Cairo Ramaden'. His very clear outstanding feature, are his bold clear eyes, which Miss Bonner describes in his stud advertisement as "very LARGE GREEN EYES". Even through the poor quality of the printed photograph, the eyes appear clear and vivid, beautifully outlined with a well-defined, highly desirable 'mascara', a feature which we delight to see in a clear-coated Chinchilla to this very day.


'Ramaden' was born 2nd April, 1900, bred by Mrs. Bluhm, who, along with a handful of others, owned and bred with some of the best Chinchilla lines in the United Kingdom. His sire was Mrs Bluhm's 'Silver Sultan', a worthy son of 'Ch. Lord Southampton', himself the most prized and clear-coated son of the great 'Ch. Silver Lambkin' and 'Southampton Duchess', thereby also bringing into the mix, the Blue strain of 'Ch. Bundle' and through 'I, Beauty's Daughter', 'Ch. Nizam' and a second helping of 'Beauty of Bridgeyate'. The dam of 'Silver Sultan' was 'Chilton Silver Berry', a daughter of 'Ch. Silver Mist' yet another Silver male sired by 'Ch. Silver Lambkin'. She also brought into the pedigree a second helping of 'Ch. Perso'.

The dam of 'Cairo Ramaden', was 'The Silver Lily' who, as probably the prettiest daughter of 'Ch. Silver Lambkin', brought to this combination, a heavy line-breeding on her illustrious sire, plus the well-proven capabilities of her amazing little dam, 'Dossie', a grand-daughter of the little known 'Charlbury Silver King', a Silver Tabby full brother to none other than 'Ch.Silver Lambkin' himself!

        CH Lord Southampton
    Silver Sultan 
    |   Chilton Silver Berry
Cairo Ramaden, Apr-2-1900, Chinchilla, M
    |   CH Silver Lambkin
    The Silver Lily, Chinchilla
The sire and dam of 'Cairo Ramaden'
Above left: 'Cropped Photo of 'The Silver Sultan', by Landor, from a Saxony Printed Postcard5
Above right: 'Cropped Studio Photo of 'The Silver Lily', by W. Muntz, Southport4
Image courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection

So in effect, this breeding TRIPLED on the bloodlines which had established 'The Silver Lambkin' as a household name in catty circles, a QUADRUPLING on his own dam, 'Ch. Beauty of Bridgeyate' and the valuable outcrosses of, 'Ch. Bundle', 'Ch. Nizam' and those brought to the mix through 'Dossie's dam, 'May'. In effect, the resultant pedigree was one that anyone appreciative of the 'Lambkin' strain, would have jumped through hoops to have a share in!

Nevertheless, 'Cairo Ramaden' originally became the property of Mrs/ Parker Brough, passing at an unknown point in time, to Miss Bonner, who lists him at limited stud, three years after his birth.


'Ashbrittle San Toy'
Full litter sibling, to 'Cairo Ramaden'

Photo: Cover pic from 'Our Cats' 16th May, 19033
Image courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection

Surprisingly, there existed at least one full litter sibling to 'Cairo Ramaden', a chinchilla female by the name of 'Ashbrittle San Toy', who as her name would suggest, was owned by Mrs. Clark of 'Ashbrittle' cattery fame. As the proud owner also of 'The Absent-Minded Beggar', a superb Chinchilla double son of 'Ch. Lord Southampton' recently purchased from Mrs. Nield. This meant that he was in fact, on paper at least, a three-quarter sibling to 'The Silver Sultan', the sire of 'San Toy'. One can only wonder if it had been her intention to breed 'Ashbrittle San Toy' to 'The Absent-Minded Beggar' as that would indeed be a 'silver pedigree', that few, if any could conceivably eclipse!

Of sire and dam siblings, there are a good number, among them, 'The Silver Lily Boy', his only dam other dam-sibling, sired by 'The Silver Knight'. But as 'The Silver Knight' was also himself a son of 'Silver Sultan', this in effect made 'The Silver Knight' his sire-sibling to 'Cairo Ramaden', and his son, 'The Silver Lily Boy' a three-quarter sibling! (Are we confused yet?)

Although there are a number of other sire-siblings, we need only bring to your attention, two more of note, which are the male 'Silver Halo' and the female, 'Maid of the Mist'.

'Silver Halo' was out of 'Silver Dawn' one of the rare daughters of 'Lambkin Queen', ( a full sister to 'I, Beauty's Daughter') and therefore the combination of 'Silver Sultan' with 'Silver Dawn' provided a distant doubling on 'Ch. Nizam' to 'Beauty of Bridgeyate'.

'Maid of the Mist', was out of a similar double up, as her dam 'Abbey Fluff Ball' was also out of 'Silver Mist', but was a daughter of the handsome 'Jupiter Duvals' who , coming down from 'St.Anthony', effectively brought into play a veritable TRIPLING on the 'Lambkin Queen' parentage of 'Ch. Nizam' and 'Beauty of Bridgeyate'.

Of wins at Shows:

Although there are no official reports of wins within registry records, we do have the following Illuminating report on 'Cairo Ramaden' by Mrs. Martin, who judged the Chinchilla classes at the immediately preceding Bath Show. These comments, which give us a wonderfully clear description of the cats in question were published in Our Cats on 31st January, 1903. It is interesting to note that on this occasion 'Ramaden' was also competing with his sire and that the judge, although making constructive criticism, certainly heaped praise upon them both:- (Editors bolding)

"The Chinchilla males were about the best ever penned. It cannot now be said that Chinchillas fail in bone, quite seven out of the thirteen should have been in the money, if only for head, shape, and bone, and a v.h.c. in this class was not to be despised. A little too much head and leg marking was in evidence. His Majesty, the lightest, with hardly a mark, was quite out of coat and failed in face and ears. Firefly, the winning kitten, although very light, was much too young to do more than v.h.c in this very strong class. The winner, Otto Boy, if he can throw off his head and leg markings, will take some beating later on, and the same may be said of the second, Cairo Ramadan. We liked this cat very much. We venture to say that if the Palace winners had been there they would, without a doubt have got a good thrashing. We think the Bath Show will always be remembered as a very happy one, envy, hatred and malice, being conspicuous by their absence.

"Class 12: Chinchilla and Shaded Silver Male: (13): 1st and Specials, Mrs E.R.Morrison. Otto Boy, in marvellous coat, lovely head, sweet face, round, green eyes, little marked on head and leg, otherwise a nice clear colour; 2nd and Special for best green eyes, Mrs. E. Bonner, Cairo Ramadan, lovely head and face, sweet, short nose, small ears, short tail, finest limbs and best made cat in the class, nice clear colour, marked on head and legs, not in such good coat as winner, a close run; equal 3rd, Miss S. Bartlett, The Silver Sultan, one of the lightest in the class, losing his coat, good head and limbs, green eyes, required more coat for this class, the owner must feel proud of him being the sire of two male, also three female, both taking special for best green eyes, get him in coat Miss Bartlett."

Such well written remarks help us to clearly see the valued qualities of both sire and son.


Currently, and sadly, no records have been found of any subsequent progeny from this most worthy grandson of 'The Silver Lambkin'.


Cairo Ramaden
Sired by 'The Silver Sultan',
out of 'The Silver Lily'

Photo: 'Our Cats', 14th February, 1903. 1
Image courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection


Stud advert for 'Cairo Ramaden'
From 14th March 1903 issue of 'Our Cats' 2
Image courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection

'Cairo Ramaden' on the front cover of 'Our Cats', 14th February, 1903
Image courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection

In summary, the story of 'Cairo Ramaden' reminds us that wonderful results do not necessarily transmit to continued success or longevity of a line. It is a only by a sheer stroke of good fortune that his story, his image, and his linkages to other great cats of the period ,has successfully been brought to light. It is also a timely reminder to us all, that many good and even great things, may never see the light of day, but that that does not mean that they never existed.


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