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The History Project is a collaboration of The CFA Foundation, Inc. and The Harrison Weir Collection. This task was undertaken by Karen Lawrence and John Smithson, each of whom possess a passion for the history of the cat fancy, early cats, and breeders who contributed to the recognition and advancement of their specific breeds.

The CFA Foundation, Inc

The mission of the CFA Foundation is to acquire and conserve the history of cats and show the development of the cat fancy through the acquisition of fine art, artifacts, and literature. To this end, we are delighted to partner with The Harrison Weir Collection to present this fascinating history of the early cat fancy.

The CFA Foundation operates the Feline Historical Museum in Alliance, Ohio, USA. Karen Lawrence, Director of the CFA Foundation, has been instrumental in the collaboration between the two groups and the development of this site.

The CFA Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 2155
260 East Main Street
Alliance, OH 44601
Tel: 330-680-4444
Web Site: The CFA Foundation/Feline Historical Museum
Facebook: CFA Foundation
Twitter: @FelineHistory

The Harrison Weir Collection

The Harrison Weir Collection is the passion of one person - John Smithson of New Zealand. Mr. Smithson is an historian, cat show judge, artist and writer with a fantastic collection of books, prints, and ephemera related to the early cat fancy. Besides maintaining a web site devoted to Harrison Weir, Mr. Smithson is currently writing a book about Weir's history in the cat fancy.

The Harrison Weir Collection
John Smithson
Web Site: The Harrison Weir Collection
Facebook: John Smithson

"Good Friends"
by Harrison Weir, from Old Friends (1900) by Edith Carrington. Image courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection

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This project is a collaboration between The CFA Foundation, Inc. and The Harrison Weir Collection.
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