Photo: by Landor. Living Animals of The World (1901)1. Courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection


The blue Persian male, 'Fulmer Roy' (NCC: 3038)2 stands between his first tier Champion grandsire, the highly respected 'Champion Bundle' (NCC: 1205)2 owned by Mrs. Cary-Elwes, and his own widely known and popular sons and grandsons, in 'Ch. Skellingthorpe Patrick'(NCC: 3057)2 and 'Amesh' (BCC: 386)7 who helped spread the foundation bloodlines of blue Persians to other corners of the known world. His paternal lineage traces back to Mrs. Pell's foundation male 'Thunder and Lightning', while on his maternal side, he traces back to the indomitable' blue male, 'Ch. Wooloomooloo' (NCC:1340)2 and to the foundation blue male 'Jumbo'. Also on his dam's side, like many solid blues, his ancestry includes Silvers, like 'Silver Lustre' and 'New Forest Fairy', who respectively traced their lines back to the likes of 'Ch. Silver Lambkin' and 'Topso of Dingley'.

Although not a particularly healthy kitten, he none-the-less grew into a robust male of sturdy compact appearance, with a broad chest and exceptional bone structure. He then appears to have passed on these qualities to his subsequent sons and grandsons. His obvious qualities had been noticed early on by Miss Frances Simpson, who had seen him as a youngster and recommended him to a fancier as a future show prospect. He was eventually purchased under a syndicate and under the good care of his new steward, Miss Harris, blossomed into a pleasing young adult, his appearance turning heads, as indicated by his substantive win as a young cat at The Crystal Palace Show of 1897.

Sadly the syndicate came to grief over his winnings and his ownership was duly contested in court and awarded to one of the original partners. His original name was simply 'ROY' but he was later to be sold to a third party, and when he came under the ownership of Miss Gertrude Willoughby, his name was duly changed to 'FULMER ROY'.


        Ch Bundle
    |   Moth
Fulmer Roy, Aug-26-1896, Blue, M
    |   CH Wooloomooloo
        Victoria II

'Roy' as he was originally named, was born 26th August, 1896; bred by Mrs. F.J. Thring, of Hyde Park, Ryde. His sire was 'KINGFISHER'(NCC:2060)2, a Blue Persian male formerly known as 'Blueberry' and a prize-winner at the Crufts Show of 1895. 'Kingfisher', (also known as New Forest Kingfisher) was by the well-known Blue Persian 'Ch. Bundle'(NCC:1205)2 and out of 'Moth'(NCC:1210)2, a blue Persian daughter of 'Grand Chartreuse'(NCC:1250)2 an imported blue male owned by Mrs. McLaren Morrison.

The dam of 'Roy' was 'ETHEL'(NCC:1853)2, a smoke Persian female, sired by the memorable blue Persian male, 'Ch. Shalimar Wooloomooloo', a grand prize winner at the Crufts Show of 1894.

ABOVE: Paternal and Maternal grandsires of 'ROY', the blue Persian 'Ch. Bundle' and 'Ch. Wooloomooloo'.
Left: Ch. Bundle, the sire of 'Kingfisher' Right: 'Ch.Wooloomooloo' the sire of 'Ethel'.

Both by E. Landor, Ealing. Our Cats, 13th July, 19014, and Pearson's Magazine 18985
Image courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection

At some point Miss Frances Simpson had seen 'Roy' as a kitten, and although he was not thriving at the time, had taken a mental note of his more promising attributes. She later recommended him to Miss Slater, who upon suggesting a possible partnership with Miss Harris, finalised his purchase and delivered him to Miss Harris.

He was duly registered in joint ownership and eventually exhibited in both names at the Crystal Palace Show of 1897.

In 1898, his ownership was legally contested by Miss Harris, who had entered him into the Crystal Palace Cat Show under both names as required by the rules of the National Cat Club. The proceedings were duly published in the 13th August, 1898 issue of The Illustrated London News³, which provided this summary of the case:


"The career of the champion cat 'Roy' was incidentally alluded to in the case of Harris v. Slater, which came before Mr. Justice Stirling in the Chancery Division.

Mr. Godefroi said it was a partnership action, the parties being Elisabeth Harris, plaintiff, and Annie Slater, defendant, and he moved for an injunction to restrain the defendant from excluding the plaintiff from business in connection with the cat, which was a blue Persian, and from selling or exhibiting the animal without the consent of the plaintiff; and,

further from representing that the cat was the defendant's sole property. The evidence was that the value of the cat was £100.

"Mr. Owen Thompson, for the defendant, suggested that £20 was nearer the mark.

"Mr. Godefroi, continuing, said that in May of last year a Miss Simpson made a suggestion to Miss Slater, the purchaser of the cat, which was then a kitten and not in good health. (Laughter.) As a result, Miss Slater called on the plaintiff and asked her to go into partnership with her in regard to this cat, and (the) plaintiff (sic) agreed to do so. The terms of the partnership were that the defendant was to pay for the cat, which was then to be had as cheap as 30s, and the plaintiff was to keep it. The plaintiff spent some money to provide a residence for the animal, and kept it for about eighteen weeks. The cat was then exhibited at the Crystal Palace Show, and 'carried everything before it' -two first prizes, four special prizes, the championship, and a silver medal. According to the rules of the National Cat Club, under which the Crystal Palace Show was held, it was provided that the cat should be registered and entered in the names of the owners. That was done, and the plaintiff paid the entry fee. A few days afterwards the ladies 'had some words,' the plaintiff demanded half her share, and this action followed.

"Mr. Owen Thompson submitted, after reading a series of affidavits, that there was no partnership from beginning to end, and it was a case which ought never to have been brought into the High Court.

"His Lordship: 'I agree.

" Finally the judge made the order asked for by the plaintiff, holding that the partnership extended to her, not only in respect of profits on the cat, but in all other respects."3

Miss Gertrude Willoughby, of Fulmer Hall.
Photo: The Ladys Realm, August, 1900 6
Image courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection

At some time after this, probably still in 1898, the ownership of 'ROY' appears to have moved to Miss Gertrude Willoughby, as he is recorded in both the Register of the National Cat Club and The Cat Club, in her sole name, in volumes predating 1899.

Miss Willoughby's cattery name was 'Fulmer', named after the property where she lived, at Fulmer Hall, Slough. So from this point forward, 'Roy' was duly referred to as 'FULMER ROY'. Miss Willoughby of course, who was already a devoted cat fancier and was later to become the new Lady Decies, upon her marriage to Lord Decies in March, 1901.


Only two full siblings can be found for 'Roy', one male and one female. The male is a confirmed litter-mate, having the same parentage and date of birth. 'ROBIN' (CCRv18) is registered as a Black Smoke male, taking his colour from his dam, Ethel. The female, 'CORA' is not so clear. She appears with the same parentage, but no date of birth or indication of colour. So we cannot be sure whether she is from the same litter or a later litter. However, she also appears as the dam of more than one blue Persian, so we can only assume that she was probably a blue, like her sibling 'Roy'. Both 'Robin' and 'Cora', however, are shown as bred and owned by Mrs. Thring, and that she retained them both for breeding, is proven by an entry showing that she committed them to a brother/sister breeding which in August 1898 produced a Black Smoke female Persian, named 'HERO' , who became the property of a Mrs. F.M. Willis, of Bath.

There are no other records of progeny from 'Ethel', so all the remaining siblings of 'ROY' are sire-siblings, by 'Kingfisher'. These include:

  • 'FULMER MOSAIC' - A tortie Persian female, born in 1896; bred by Miss Hester Cochran, out of her queen 'Cowslip'. Originally registered as 'Mosaic', she was first owned by Mrs. Graham Menzies, but later sold to Miss Gertrude Willoughby and registered as 'Fulmer Mosaic'. (OC: 12/May/190017)

  • 'BLUE RAJAH OF HULL' - A blue Persian male, born in 1896; bred by Miss G. Willoughby, out of her queen 'Blue Dora'. 'Blue Rajah' was sold to Miss A. Exbrayat. (OC: 17/Aug/190119)

  • 'DONNA ISOLDE' - A black Persian female, born in 1898; bred by Mrs. E.L. Collins, out of an unregistered queen. 'Donna' appears to have been retained by Mrs. Collins.(CCRv38)

  • 'CRYSTAL OF ARRANDALE' - A blue Persian female, born 23rd April, 1899; bred by Mrs. McLaren- Morrison, out of her queen 'Lobelia'. 'Crystal' was sold for breeding to Mrs. George Wilson. (OC: 26/Apr/190216)

  • 'FLORA' - A blue Persian female, born October, 1899; bred and retained by Mrs. Grahame Menzies, out of her blue queen 'Hallyburton Bluebell'. (CCRv48)

  • 'RAYON D'OR' - A cream Persian male, born 1st April, 1900; bred by Mrs. Hadland, out of her queen 'Chin Chin'. He was subsequently sold to Mrs. Simon. (OC:08/Sep/190018).


The only show wins listed for 'Roy' are those which are found in Volume 5 of the Stud Book and Register of the National Cat Club, which include:
1st, Championship and Specials at the Crystal Palace Show, 1897.
1st, Brighton Show, 1897.2


'Roy' certainly seems to have had his own particular fan-club, and was successfully used at Stud by a number of breeders, a number of excellent results. In dated order, his progeny include:

  • 'IVER ROYA' - A blue Persian female, born 20th April, 1898, bred by Miss E Rae, out of her female 'Kirry'. This girl became the property of Mrs. Nicholay. (CCRv28).

  • 'BARRYMORE ROY' - A blue Persian male, born 22nd April, 1898, bred by Mrs. Russell Biggs, out of her female 'Barrymore Duchess'. This male appears to have been retained by Mrs. Russell Biggs.(Barrymore) (CCRv28).

  • 'DAPHNE' -A blue Persian female, born 8th May, 1898, bred by Mrs. Gregory, out of her female 'Maisie'. This girl became the property of Mrs. W.M. Hunt. (CCRv28).


    This blue Persian male was born 8th May, 1898, and a litter brother to 'Daphne' (above). Originally retained by Mrs. Gregory, he eventually became the property of Mrs. E.A. Clark. There can be little doubt that this was the most famous of all progeny from 'Roy' and the most successful, both on the Show bench and later as a sire. His stud advertisement from the period calls to our attention these assets, which summarily describes him as an "exquisitely light blue Persian" then adding, "Magnificent head and face. Capital Limbs. Splendid Colour and Coat." 8

The most well-known son of 'ROY', 'Ch. Skellingthorpe Patrick'
Photo: W.J.Smith, Lincoln. The Book of The Cat, 1903, by Frances Simpson9
Image courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection

Three grandsons of 'Roy', sired by 'Ch. Skellingthorpe Patrick'
As they appeared in the 4th April, 1903 issue of Our Cats.10
Image courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection

Further progeny of 'Roy' included:

  • 'DUSCHAR' (USR:16711) (aka 'Dashoor')

    A blue Persian female born February 1899, who, according to the U.S. Register and Studbook for Cats (1906) was bred by Lady Marcus Beresford. Her dam, was 'Fulmer Silvie' and her sire was 'Fulmer Roy'. Although this Persian female is initially shown under the ownership of Mrs. Amor, and then under that of HRH Princess Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein, we are reliably informed in an editorial piece published in Our Cats Magazine 11th October, 1902 that: "Duschar was presented to the Princess by the late Queen of England. Amesh is litter brother to Royal Bobs, who picture, together with his owner , Mrs. Collingwood, appears in 'Cats and All About Them', recently published by Miss Frances Simpson."12

    Mrs. Amor, was in fact responsible for the welfare of all the cats owned by HRH Princess Victoria. She was the wife of the head coachman at Cumberland Lodge13, the residence of HRH Prince Christian and his wife Princess Christian,(formerly Princess Helena, the daughter of Queen Victoria), and mother to Princess Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein. So the initial transfer of ownership to Mrs. Amor is likely to have just been a formality of process.

    'DUSCHAR' was subsequently bred to Lady Marcus's 'Blue Boy II' and from this breeding she produced two well-known blue Persian males (litter-mates), bred by Her Royal Highness. The first of these was 'LORD BOBS' who was later to be better known as 'ROYAL BOBS', owned by the doting Mrs. Collingwood, of Leighton Buzzard. The second male, was 'AMESH', who was ultimately exported to Mrs. Gotwalts, of Pottstown, Pennsylvania. We then find that 'Duschar' was later to pass into the ownership of Miss Willoughby (later Lady Decies), before finding a final home with a Miss Good.

Above: Grandsons of 'Roy': Litter-mates 'Amesh' & 'Royal Bobs'
both out of 'Dushcar', the daughter of 'Roy'.

Photos: 'Amesh' U.S. Register & Stud Book for Cats (1906)11
'Royal Bobs' by Charles, London. Our Cats and All About Them(1902)14
Image courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection

Other known progeny of 'Roy' include:

  • 'PUNCH OF BRUTON' - A blue Persian male, born 9th March, 1899, bred by Mrs. G. G. Muller, out of her queen 'Bebe'. Punch appears to have been retained by Mrs. Muller. (OC:05/Apr/190015)

  • 'JUDY OF BRUTON' - A blue Persian female, litter mate to 'Punch'., who also appears to have been initially retained by Mrs. Muller. (OC:05/Apr/190015)

  • 'TONY' - A blue Persian male, litter mate to 'Punch' and 'Judy', who appears in The Cat Club Register, as bred and owned by Mrs. G.G. Muller.8


Miss Gertude Willoughby's 'FULMER ROY'
Photo: by Landor. Living Animals of The World (1901)1
Image courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection


Stud advert for 'Skellingthorpe Patrick', a noted son of "FULMER ROY"
Note that this advertisement pre-dates the sale of 'Patrick' to Mrs. E.A. Clark.
From The Cat Club Register8
Image courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection

In Summry:

'ROY', or 'FULMER ROY' as he would later be known, was clearly a male of substance and promise. It should therefore not really surprise us, that Miss Frances Simpson so very quickly saw that potential in him at a very young age. Her skill in assessing a litter of kittens, was already well honed after years of studying litters of blues; a colour variety in the longhairs that she had already personally promoted for nigh on two decades. She would eventually of course, be instrumental in the establishment of the Blue Persian Cat Society in 1901, a full five years after the birth of 'Roy'.

This particular stud's claim-to-fame is undoubtedly as the sire of 'Skellingthorpe Patrick' and as the grandsire of 'Amesh' and his litter sibling 'Lord Bobs'. And it was through their progeny, in particular 'Skellingthorpe Patrick', that his influence continued to benefit the breed. This was a period during which the 'Blue' Persian was gradually developing into a tour-de-force. Colour breeding was now being practiced with increasing vigour, and the rise of the 'pure-blue' was not far off. The blues, were still competing heavily with the white longhairs, and the ever popular chinchilla's. But it would not be long before the white, with some notable exceptions; would begin to take a back seat to the grandeur and consistency of the blue, and in time, even the extremely popular chinchilla would have to give way to the supremacy of the what was fast becoming the foundation-stone of the Persian breed, 'the self-Blue'.


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