Beresford Cat Club Fob(undated)

ArtifactBeresford Cat Club Medal (Fob)
ConnectionBeresford Cat Club
CollectionThe CFA Foundation's Feline Historical Museum
DescriptionA 2-1/2" pewter fob engraved "Beresford"
Brief HistoryPewter fob, perhaps used as a show premium at the Beresford Cat Club shows held in Chicago, USA
AcquisitionDonated to The CFA Foundation by Lorraine Shelton

Beresford Cat Club Medal (Fob), undated
Photo: Larry Johnson, courtesy of The CFA Foundation, Inc.

The Beresford Cat Club of America, Inc. was formed in Chicago in 1899 and quickly rose to prominence. The club was named after noted British breeder Lady Marcus Beresford, who had founded 'The Cat Club' registry in England in 1898. Beresford held its first show in January, 1900, reportedly awarding 176 prizes1, possibly such as the undated fob shown here.

Beresford Cat Club was one of the first organizations in North America to record litters and provide registration for pedigreed cats. They published their data in a series of four Stud-Book and Registry of the Beresford Cat Club; the first, in 1900, covered registrations from July 1899 until July 1900. There are 246 entries in the first issue, 241 Persians and five shorthairs - two Russians, one Siamese, and two domestics of unknown parentage1. The clubs final studbook was published in 1906, and contains registrations from July 1903 through July 1905.

The Beresford Cat Club, in its registering capacity, ceased to exist in 1906. Former club members created a group that became the American Cat Association (ACA). As a club, the Beresford Cat Club continued to hold shows for decades.


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