National Cat Show Medal (1924)

ArtifactNational Cat Show (UK) Medal
DateDecember, 1924
ConnectionNational Cat Show
Crystal Palace
Buffola of Silverleigh
CollectionThe CFA Foundation's Feline Historical Museum
DescriptionA 1" round silver medal, with crown at top;
Front: Longhair (Persian) head
Engraved on back. "CH. Buffola, Crystal Palace, Dec. 1924"
Brief HistorySilver medal awarded to CH Buffola, silver tabby Persian male, at the December, 1924, show held at Crystal Palace, London, UK.
AcquisitionGiven to Richard H. Gebhardt by Blanche Bracey (Silverleigh) during a UK visit. Donated in 2009, by Mr. Gebhardt, to the CFA Foundation.

National Cat Show Medal, UK, 1924
Photos courtesy of The CFA Foundation, Inc.

While the GCCF registration record for Buffalo of Silverleigh says "particulars unknown", he is listed in the Stud Book under the section for "Silver Tabby, Long-hair, MALES". We do know that Miss Bracey, of Silverleigh Cattery, was a breeder of Silver Tabbies, both Longhair and Shorthair, and also of Chinchilla and Blue Chinchilla cats2.

GCCF Registration Data for Buffola of Silverleigh1
Image courtesy of The CFA Foundation

The medal, donated in 2009 by former CFA President Richard H. Gebhardt, comes in its original box from RB Bennett, Oxford. It was accompanied by a handwritten note from Mr. Gebhardt that reads,

"Silver Medal, 1924. Awarded at the Crystal Palace for the National Cat Show. Won by Blanche Bracey, Silverleigh Cattery, Silver tabbies LH & SH, Chinchilla & Blue Chinchilla. Given to Richard Gebhardt on a visit to Blanche Bracey. Medal in its original box, RB Bennett, Oxford, England2. "


  1. The Third Volume of The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Stud Book, Vol. III, March 31st, 1923-March 31st, 1927
  2. Personal notes, Richard H. Gebhard, 2009

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