National Cat Show, Cincinnati, OH (1884)

ArtifactTrade cards for National Cat Show, Cincinnati, OH
ConnectionCincinnati Cat Club
CollectionThe Harrison Weir Collection
DescriptionTrade cards, advertising the April 13, 1884 cat show in Cincinnati, Ohio
Brief HistoryPre-show publicity trade cards for the 'Monster Feline Festival and National Cat Show' held on Sunday April 13th, 1884
AcquisitionPurchased in April, 2018 by John Smithson for The Harrison Weir Collection

The front and back of trade cards used for pre-show publicity for the Cincinnati Cat Show (1884)
Courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection.

This set of trading postcards promotes Harris's Mammoth Museum on Vine St, Cincinnati, Ohio and its featured 'Monster Feline Festival, Pussycat Parliament, and National Cat Show' on Sunday April 13th, 1884'. The show was managed by James. T. Jukes.

Ohio has had a long association with the cat fancy, and today it houses the Central Office of The Cat Fanciers' Association, and the CFA Foundation's Feline Historical Museum, based in Alliance.

Harris eventually sold his Vine St. Museum, in 1886, to the holders of the Kohl & Middleton 'Dime Museum' franchise, that had its origins in Chicago. Both Kohl and Middleton had learned their show museum trade while working for P. T. Barnum. At the height of their influence, the Kohl & Middleton franchise operation covered a dozen sites. The Cincinnati franchise was managed by John A. Avery. However the Harris's Monster Cat Show, which these cards promote, predates these events by at least two to three years.

The set of advertising trade cards for the 'Monster Feline Festival and National Cat Show' held in Cincinnati, OH in 1884
Courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection.


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