Full Name:Gertrude E. Taylor
Date of Birth:January 30, 1890
Syracuse, NY
Date of Death:September 10, 1948
Detroit, MI
Spouse: Chauncy M. Sweenie
Date of Marriage: December, 1917
Career: Magazine Editor/Publisher
Owner of mail-order pet supply business.

Cattery Name:Salina


Cat Clubs:Founded Syracuse Cat Club, October 22, 1907

Judge:CFA Allbreed Judge, judged throughout USA, Canada, England and France

CFA Activites:CFA Vice-President, 1918, 1922-1927
CFA President 1928-1933
Under her presidency, the Certificate of Grand Championship was created in 1930
Resigned from CFA in 1933 to form The United Cat Clubs of America, Inc.
Editor/Publisher:The Cat Courier, 1919-1938
Sold The Cat Courier to The Cat Gazette in 1938.

Courtesy of The CFA Foundation

Mrs. Taylor judging Siamese

The Cat Courier,
June 28 - July 5, 1913

The Cat Gazette,
May, 1938

Mrs. Gertrude Taylor-Sweenie

Advertisement for Kennel Supply Business, All-Pets Magazine, September 1944

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