Full Name: Richard H. Gebhardt
Date of Birth:April 7, 1931
Date of Death:September 7, 2018
Mother: Florence Gebhardt
Father: Harry Gebhardt
Partner/Husband: John Bannon
Lived in: New Jersey, USA

Siblings:An identical twin brother, Harry E. Gebhardt, and two half-siblings

Career: Pet Shop owner, Groomer, Cat Show Judge, Author
Breeder/exhibitor of Japanese Chin dogs

President:The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc., 1968-1980

Cat Judge:CFA, 1953-2008 (55 Years of Service)
First guest judge from America at European show
Guest judge at Centennial of National Cat Club show in 1971

Cattery Name:Sylva-Wyte
Breeds:American Shorthair, American Wirehair, Manx, Persian

Awards:Recipient of the CFA Medal of Honor, for service to CFA
Awarded Judge Emritus status, 2008

Additional Interests & Activities:
  • First President, CFA Judges' Association
  • Established and Chair, CFA International Committee; served for 6 years
  • Co-Chair National Breed Committee
  • Trustee, Morris Animal Foundation
  • Field Director, Pet Pride
  • Joined Garden State Cat Club at the age of 16
  • Elected Garden State Cat Club President (youngest at age 22), 1953-1967
  • Member, Empire Cat Club
  • Founded the American Manx Club
  • Consultant for National Geographic article on cats, "The Cats in Our Lives", 1964
  • Introduced CFA National Award Program to replace Hydon-Goodwin All-Star Awards


    Persian:GC, NW Vel-Vene Voo Doo of Sylva-Wyte, black male, 1959 Cat of the Year
    GC, NW Silva-Wyte Trafari of J.B, black male, 1969 Cat of the Year
    Manx:GC Wila-Blite Pola of Sylva-Wyte, copper-eyed white female
    American Shorthair:GC Silva-Wyte Nightline, GC Silva-Wyte Designer Genes, silver tabby females

    GC NW Vel-Vene Voo Doo of Sylva-Wyte

    GC NW Sylva-Wyte Trafari of J.B.

    GC Wila-Blite Pola of Sylva-Wyte


  • The Complete Cat Book, 1991
  • The Allure of the Cat, with John Bannon
  • Cat, consultant/contributor, with author Grace Pond
  • The Cat, with Phil Maggitti
  • A Standard Guide to Cat Breeds, consultant/contributor, 1979
  • The Complete Cat Encyclopedia, consultant
  • Champion Cats of the World, consultant/contributor
  • Articles:
  • "The Blacks", CFA Yearbook, 1963
  • "Why Himalayans Are Persians", Cat Fancy, April 1985

    Courtesy of The CFA Foundation, Inc.

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