Photo: Taber, Dover St West in The Sketch, 27th July 18984. Courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection


Although registered as 'Tibbieboo', this bright eyed and bushy-tailed Blue Persian female is often referred to as 'Tibbeboo' in show and press reports.2

She first came to fame when she was entered into the Botanic Show of 1898, where she was one of over 170 cats exhibited in one large tent, during a two day show organised by The Ladies Kennel Association, held in Regents Park.

This show was attended by the Princess of Wales (later Queen Alexandra), who was a regular exhibitor of dogs, but who also took a keen interest in cats and honoured them with a personal inspection on this occasion.

In the press report published in The Sketch, the following was said about 'Tibbieboo":

"Tibbeboo is a lovely longhaired blue female cat, owned and bred by Mrs Clunes, from Champion Wooloomooloo and Tibby. She is a first-rate queen, and seems to have inherited the many perfections of both her distinguished parents. Her coat is very heavy and of a lovely shade. At the time of the show she was under a year old, her date of birth being July 31, 1897. Consequently, we may hope to see in her a coming champion and the mother of a long line of blue beauties who will hand her name and fame down to many future generations of cats."4

In a second report, published as part of an article on famous show cats in Windsor Magazine in 1899, we gain another interpretation of this event, along with a second photograph:

"A little sensation was caused at the summer show over another blue pet in the shape of Mrs. Clune's 'Tibbeboo', who, although but ten months old, captured the championship and specials awarded to its class by Mr Louis Wain. For short face and compactness of form as well as in colour, it quite fulfilled Mr. Wain's chief demands. And this beautiful cat easily secured the highest favour at the late show."5

This win was to be followed by a more significant success, which included a Championship and four Specials at the Crystal Palace show, late in 1898.2


'Tibbieboo' was born 31st July, 1897; bred and owned by Mrs. S. Clunes, of Palace Court in West London, from her female 'Tibby' and sired by 'Champion Wooloomooloo'. At the time, this blue Persian male was one of the most significant and sought after sires in England.

        Frisk, Blue
    Ch Wooloomooloo, Blue
    |   Fluff, Blue
Tibbieboo, Jul-31-1897, Blue, F
    |   Unknown
    Tibby, Blue

Wooloomooloo - Champion Blue Persian
Photo: by Landor. Pearson's Magazine, May 1898 3
Courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection

In Frances Simpson's chapter on Blue Persians in The Book of The Cat (1903), he is one of only two early Blue Persian stud males mentioned in the first two pages. She explains the rise in the popularity of the Blues and gives an example of the increase in entries in the competitive classes for this variety as follows:

"In 1891 blues came very much to the fore, and the entries at the Crystal Palace number 15 males and 17 females. At Cruft's Show in the year 1894, a grand blue, called 'Wooloomooloo,' was exhibited by Mrs. W.R.Hawkins, and this cat became one of the most famous of stud cats. Many of the finest blues of today are descended from this noted sire."

That 'Ch.Wooloomooloo', was one of the outstanding sires of this period is fully supported by the number of his sons and daughters who were retained for breeding by a large number of serious devotees of the Blue Persian Cat and his appearance on so many pedigrees to this day.


To date, no full or 'dam' siblings of 'Tibbieboo' have yet been found.

However, as her sire can be numbered among the most successful and prolific of early Blue Persian stud males, she does have a significant number of 'sire' siblings or half-siblings, a good number of which are listed below, separated by gender.

In the males, the most significant half-brothers of note are 'Wooloomooloo II', 'Wooshoo' and 'Oliver Wooleepug'

Male 'Sire-siblings':

  • Hawthorn Rogue (Blue) (1895) bred by Mrs. Dean, out of Hawthorn Koshin, by Glaucus
  • King of The Blues (Blue) (1896) (aka Wooloomooloo II) bred by Mr. R. Ware, out of Mrs. Dean's Lady Jenny and owned by Mrs. Smyth.
  • Wooshoo (Blue) (aka Iver Wooshoo) (1896) bred by Mrs. Nicholay, out of Queen of Sheba, owned by Mrs. Paul Hardy. Also owned by Mrs. Herbert Ransome.
  • Borioboola Gha (Blue)(1897) bred and owned by Mrs. Dean, out of Hawthorne Bounce.
  • Oliver Woolleepug (Blue) (1898) bred by Miss Lemmon, out of Mrs. Brougham, owned by Bartlett and Lemmon
  • King Tony (Blue) (1898) bred by Mrs. Paul Hardy, out of 'Juliet'.
  • Khalifa (Blue) (1898) bred by Mr. E.Knowles, out of Kitsey, owned by Mrs. O'Brien Clarke
  • Blue Wool (Blue) (1898) bred by Miss A.E. Pope, out of Blue Diamond Queen.
  • Bogie Man (Blue) (1898) bred by Mrs. Knowles, out of Kitsey, owned by Mrs. James.
  • Barrymore Roy (Blue) (1898), bred and owned by Mrs. Russell Biggs.
  • Olomolo (Blue) (1898) bred by Mr. Eddolls, (Dam not recorded).
  • Precious (Blue) (1898) bred by Miss A.E. Pope, out of Blue Diamond Queen, owned by Miss J Derby Hyde.
  • Silvertoes (Blue)(1898) bred and owned by Mr. Reg. Ware, out of Mr. Ware's Lady Jenny.
  • Yani (Blue) (1898) bred and owned by Miss M.B. Hooper, out of Moki. Owned by Miss Simpson/then Miss Goddard.
  • Ajax (Blue) (1899) bred and owned by Mrs. C.Reay Green, out of Banshee.

In the females, the most notable are 'Cinderella', out of 'Hawthorne Bounce', and 'Ethel' as the dam of 'Fulmer Roy'.

Female 'Sire-siblings':

  • Dodo (Smoke) (1894 ) bred by Mrs. A. J. Butler
  • Barrymore Duchess (Blue) (1896) bred by Mrs. Radford, out of Zoe, owned by Mrs. Russell Biggs.
  • Luna (Blue) (1896) bred and owned by Mrs. Cecil Curwen, out of Queen of Sheba.
  • Becky of Lozells (1897) bred by Mrs. Edmondson, out of Zenda, owned by Mr. C.W. Witt.
  • Blue Phyllis (Blue) (1897) bred and owned by Miss Kirkpatrick, out of Pegotty.
  • Cinderella (Blue) (1897) bred and owned by Mrs. Dean, out of Hawthorne Bounce
  • Boo-Boo (Blue) (1897) bred by Mrs. S. Clunes, out of Trashang, owned by Mrs. C. Melville.
  • Ethel (Blue) (No date) Mrs. Thring, dam of (Fulmer) ROY, who in turn sired 'Skellingthorpe Patrick'.
  • Nino (Blue) ( 1898) Viscountess Maitland, bred by Mrs. Hardy.
  • Myosotis (Blue)(No date) Owned by Lady Marcus Beresford, out of Hawthorn Kaskin.(by Ch.Glaucus). Notably, this queen is listed as the grand-dam behind many Windsor cattery Blues(combining 'Beauty Boy' 'Glaucus' and 'Wooloomooloo').

Her show records as listed in the register of The National Cat Club include: 1st, Special, Botanic 1898; two firsts, Championship and four Specials, Crystal Palace 1898.


Sadly, the early hope that 'Tibbieboo' would become "the mother of a long line of blue beauties who will hand her name and fame down to many future generations of cats"- does not appear to have transpired, or, if it did, there is no record of it.


'Tibbieboo' at the Botanic Show of 1898, aged just under a year.
Photo: Taber, Dover St West. The Sketch, 27th July 1898 4
Image courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection

'Champion Tibbieboo', aged one year, owned by Mrs. S.Clunes
Photo: by Taber. Published in Windsor Magazine, 1899. 5
Image courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection


None currently available.

Although 'Tibbieboo' does not appear to have left any progeny, her sudden and meteoric rise to stardom did much to enhance breeders perceptions of the value of her illustrious sire, who truly did have a huge impact on the emerging Persian breed, most particularly in the 'Blues'.

Her photos also help to give us a visual record of 'type development' within the Blue Persian variety.

In these early days of the Fancy, and in this variety in particular, we see that the emphasis was on coat and colour first, and then eye colour, and then eye shape, shortness of head and set of ears. In time the emphasis would move to selectively enhancing the head type; but finding a balance between improved head type, while maintaining or improving evenness and lightness of coat colour, would remain a challenge for many generations to come.


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