World's Fair Cat Show Trophy (1940)

ArtifactWorld's Fair at Show - Pitcher
DateSeptember 27-28, 1940
ConnectionWorld's Fair Cat Show, New York State
Westchester Cat Club
CollectionThe Harrison Weir Collection
DescriptionSilver-Plate Pitcher, 8.5 inches high, 9 inches wide
Brief HistoryAwarded to the Best Cat owned by a member of Westchester Cat Club. Donated by Westchester Cat Club to the World's Fair Cat Show
AcquisitionPurchased 2013 by John Smithson for The Harrison Weir Collection

Front close-up and three-quarter view of the Westchester Cat Club Pitcher for the World's Fair Cat Show, Sept 27-28, 1940
Image courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection

Promoted as 'THE CAT SHOW OF AMERICA', the officials of the New York World's Fair, granted a sanction to The Cat Fanciers Federation, under the auspices of the Atlantic Cat Club, to hold a grand show at the World's Fair Grounds, at Flushing Meadows, Long Island, in the Hall of Special Events, on Friday and Saturday, September 27th and 28th,1940.

In an article in the September issue of 'The Cat Digest', the Show Manager, Mrs Silas H. Andrews gives an announcement of the show, along with the following observations and commentary:

"Friday and Saturday being two of the best days at the fair we hope to make this the BIGGEST and BEST Cat Show ever held, both in entries and attendance. The grounds are easily accessible from New York City and special rates are given by most hotels and transportation companies. All cat owners are urged to make this THEIR show, THE CAT SHOW OF AMERICA. Come and bring your cats and see the cats of your neighbours and at the same time see the Fair. All exhibitors will receive FREE PASSES to the Fair for both days of the show. So get your cats in condition and enter them in this Show and into the Specialty Club to which you belong. Entry fee $1.25 plus $1.00 additional for Specialty Show. A listing fee of 25c charged for cats not registered in Cat Fanciers Federation.

All cat owners are urged to make this THEIR show, THE CAT SHOW OF AMERICA.

The American Cat Association and the Cat Fanciers Association are cordially invited to join us and hold their own specialty shows under the rules of their governing federation, furnishing their own trophies, ribbons and judge. The Specialty Clubs receiving the $1.00 entry fee, BUT all cats MUST be entered in the World's Fair Show and be judged under C.F.F. rules. Here is your chance to win DOUBLE championship points for your pets. All cup lists offered will be posted at the show and the beautiful cups and trophies of the Atlantic Cat Club and those donated to the World's Fair Show will be on exhibition."

From the above, we must presume that this trophy, which was donated by the Members of the Westchester Cat Club (an early CFA club), would have been among the trophies on exhibition.

As this was considered to be a high-society event, a number of celebrities and socialites were invited to present the trophies to the winners. From a newspaper article about the forthcoming show and awards presentation, the following report was filed:


"World's Fair. N.Y.- Climaxing what promises to be the greatest Cat Show in the annals of the American cat fancy, celebrities of the literary and entertainment world will be on hand for the presentation of awards on the final night of the World's Fair Cat Show, Sept. 27 and 28.

Fannie Hurst, whose interest in the furry felines has long been a matter of public record, has already accepted the invitation of the sponsors of the show to appear at the presentation ceremony and personally award the prizes to the winners.

Little Johnny, whose 'call for that famous brand of cigarettes; is familiar to radio audiences all over the country will also be on hand to assist the judges and Miss Hurst making the awards. Other personalities who have been invited to take part in the presentation include Ezra Stone of stage and radio fame, Ed and Pegeen Fitzgerald, and L. Sherwood, three popular radio commentators.

Entries for the show are pouring in from all over the country along with requests for additional entry blanks, according to the information received from the show manager, Mrs. Silas H. Andrews. This demand for additional entry blanks has been so great that the show management has been forced to extend the deadline on the acceptance of entries from Sept. 14 to Sept. 16 in order to accommodate breeders who were delayed by the holiday in securing their entry blanks."2

Press Photo: Fannie Hurst and Mrs Elizabeth Piperno
The Blue Network: Fannie Hurst and Mrs Elizabeth Piperno, practice bandaging Miss Hurst's favourite Persian. Continually surrounded by pets of all kinds, Miss Hurst parts with Ruby one day a week so that the AWVS can use her for its first aid to animals class. Miss Hurst appears on her own program Sunday, over the Blue. (Undated Photo: c.1940) 3
Image courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection
Advertisement for the World's Fair Cat Show,
Sept 27-28, 1940

The Cats Digest, September 19401
Image courtesy of The Harrison Weir Collection


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