Rosette (1896)

Artifact3rd Prize Rosette
DateJanuary 22-23-24, 1896
F.F. Reynolds
W.L. Rolla, Judge
CollectionThe CFA Foundation's Feline Historical Museum
DescriptionA 7" tall rosette; attached to a tag that identifies 'Daisy" as the 3rd prize winner
Brief HistoryRosette presented to 'Daisy" for "3rd prize, 3. col Manx"
AcquisitionPurchased by Karen Lawrence. Donated to The CFA Foundation, March, 1999

3rd Prize Rosette, Northampton Cat Show, 1896
Photo: Karen Lawrence, courtesy of The CFA Foundation, Inc.

The only information available about this fabric rosette comes from the information on its tag.

First Annual Cat Show
January 22-23-24, 1896
64, Daisy, 3. Col Manx
3rd Prize Rosette
F.F. Reynolds, Hadley
W.L. Rolla, Judge
Under the Management of
Adrian L. Potter

No registration records have been located for 'Daisy'.

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